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we could...


stop using cellos

As a society, we are surrounded by plastic-wrapped everything. Let's help the greeting card industry create one thing that's not.


But how?...

  • We could send one card in a cello for the front display, 'naked' cards behind it

  • We could accept a certain minor number of returns each quarter/season/year that get damaged

  • We could charge a small fee for sending the cellos, otherwise all cards come naked, OR we could discount naked cards since we're saving on labor to stuff the darn things anyway

  • Paper Not Plastic will send any stores who want to 'opt in' to this initiative some marketing materials to display at the card racks and at their register - this could be a huge selling/marketing tool for them! 

we could...

reduce use of bubble wrap

We need to protect our products but bubble wrap creates such a substantial amount of waste. It's nice to think of it being re-used, but often stores do not have the storage to keep it for future use and it ends up in the bin. 

  • We can really load up on newsprint for packaging. it's cheap and easily/obviously recyclable. and makes a nice soft bed for product.

  • Double boxing also great option if possible, especially using re-purposed boxes

  • Bring in any packaing from home and re-use, and have all employees do the same

we could...

rethink packaging

Clear boxes from China... cheap and, well... clear. Perfect to show what's inside, but so much waste. What are other options?

  • Cardboard boxes with cutout windows for boxed sets of cards

  • Belly bands for notepads and notebooks or for bundling cards

  • Small paper merchandise bags for retail orders

  • Cardboard sleeves for notebooks

  • Paper stickers with paper backing are real! (regular stickers are actually just pvc plastic with non-recyclable backing)

  • Join the Facebook group PaperNotPlastic to share environment-friendly vendors and resources. 

we could...



Join the Facebook group Paper Not Plastic to share and discuss:


  • Environmentally-friendly vendors and resources

  • Ideas on how to change the industry towards more environmentally-sustainable standards

  • Figure out ways to communicate our findings to other companies in the industry

  • Learn from and support each other! This is going to be an uphill battle so anything encouraging should be shared, lest any of us tumble into the pit of despair.

The point of this website is to start the process of change. we don't have the answers but want to work with YOU, paper company owners and store owners to come up with some real solutions that work for all. some ideas:

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