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We realize we are part of the problem.

So we need to also be part of the solution.

E. Frances Paper

Started by E. Frances Paper, is a community of business owners who want to change the industry's demand for use of single use plastics. And if it's hard, that's ok. If it takes time, we'll keep trying. Because even if we can't change things on the grand scale, at least we can be doing less bad.

When we started our company in 2013, one of our first thoughts was to make our products plastic free. Muslin bags for notepad packaging, cardboard boxes for boxed sets of cards, etc. Once we launched and started getting our first orders however, the stores buying our cards demanded they each come wrapped in individual plastic cello sleeves so they wouldn't be handled and damaged. So excited for an order, and to be up and running, we went along with it. All cards were stuffed into cello sleeves. All notepads were stuffed into bigger cello sleeves. All boxed sets were stuffed into clear plastic boxes so the product is easy to see. In hindsight, we took the easy road and just turned the other way, not thinking about the plastic waste we were pumping out of here. 

One day it just hit us that we can't continue without thinking of the impact of all these single use plastics. We try to limit plastic in our personal lives, we need to do the same in our business. And we HAVE a business... let's use it for change! So we set out on a mission. If more people became aware of the problem, we really think more people would change their habits. 

And one big point we want to make is that it's a luxury to be able to completely eliminate plastic. We still have a company to run. Paper packaging is often a lot more expensive. And we can't snap our fingers and expect our customers to be OK with completely new practices in the industry. What we hope is that with time, slowly using less and less plastic will lead to more awareness, which will make plastic free packaging the new norm. So this will be a process. We just hope people are ready sooner rather than later.

Hopefully both makers and buyers will join together and find solutions that work for all AND help save our planet. Join the discussion on Facebook/Paper Not Plastic. 

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